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16 Cancers

It’s a shocking fact that smoking causes 16 different types of cancer, affecting families in Gateshead. 

With smoking causing 14.7% of cancer cases  and 27% of all cancer deaths in England , it is estimated that smoking causes 44,100  new cases of cancer and over 36,600 deaths from cancer a year. 

For the North East, that means smoking causes over 2300 new cases of cancer a year and over 2000 deaths from cancer every year.

Stopping is a clear way to reduce the risks. If you still smoke, why not give quitting a go? 

For advice on quitting support, visit the Fresh website www.Quit16.co.uk 

Don't forget you can also Visit the Smokefree Gateshead Page: www.gateshead.gov.uk/SmokefreeGateshead 

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