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First Step - Register for OurGateshead

By registering with OurGateshead you will have the option to create a group and add content to it whenever you like. We only ask that you use the site based on a few terms and conditions.

There are just three steps to adding your group:

  1. Register with OurGateshead
  2. ​Confirm your e-mail address
  3. Enter the details of your group

Once your group is saved it will be checked by a member of our staff and then you will be ready to publish as much news and as many events as you like.

Creating an account on OurGateshead also allows you to:

Set up a favourites page
Set up a summary print list of content you are interested in
Keep up to date - Receive email notifications when items are add under subjects of your choice

Join OurGateshead

 - Recieve email updates when Items of interest are added

- Create a favourites page

- Create printable summary pages