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Death Cafe

Tuesday, 14 May, 2013 - 19:30 to 21:30

Please check with the event organiser before making a special trip to this event.

Death Cafe

No one wants to think about death and dying  but it's inevitable for all of us and something that none of us can avoid!  We are not very good about talking about our experiences of dealing with death and dying  and when you do try to talk about it you are often told you are being 'morbid' or that 'you have years left'.  The reality is that someone dies every minute in Britain and risk missing out on having their end of life wishes met.

In a recent survey conducted by Dying Matters only half of the people survey had let someone know whether they wanted to be buried or cremated. Just 37% of people have written a will, less than a third had registered to be an organ donor and 8% had written down their wishes or preferences should they become unable to make these decisions themselves.  As a result many people are risking leaving it too late to make their wishes known.  Yet more than three-quarters of us agree that if we felt more comfortable about talking about death, dying and bereavement it would be easier to have our 'end of life' wishes met.  

Divine Departures is hosting the first North East Death Cafe, a FREE event to encourage people to  share their experiences, get advice on how to deal with bereaved people; what to say and support you can provide.  You will also be able to get answers to all those questions about the crematorium and funeral profession you wanted to ask but were afraid to!   At the event you will be able to document your wishes, write your own funeral plan and get advice on wills.

The event will be held on Tuesday 14 May at 6.30pm at the Park View Inn on Saltwell Road, pop in for a cuppa,  cake and conversation.  For more information or to register a place contact Linda on 0191 5438963

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Please check with the event organiser before making a special trip to this event.

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