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A resident led ‘newspaper’ aiming to reflect lives of local people. Inviting residents to take part, write in, contribute and express their views and ideas about their communities and their lives within Saltwell and Bensham.

We are a group engaged in forming a short periodical ‘newspaper’, BASE (Bensham and Saltwell Express.) Essentially the group members will act as facilitators for the content which will be gathered from local people, local events, and will reflect lifestyles within the 8000 + homes in the area.
Rather than act as a vehicle to impart information available elsewhere, (eg listings) BASE will seek to gather reviews, opinions, ideas, and discussion about issues that matter to people.
The first issue of BASE (scheduled for October 2011) will be an introductory document, filled with articles reflecting the diversity of the local area, contributed from individuals, groups, and organisations by invitation.

Subsequent issues will be driven increasingly by contributions invited from the community, and will include:

  • Letters page
  • Comments on local events
  • Reviews
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27/06/2016 - 10:17
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Pete Ross
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Bensham and Saltwell Express - Stories Wanted

The deadline for submissions as been exended to FRIDAY 28th FEB 2014

Date posted: 18th February 2014

Eric’s ‘Stamp’ Of Approval

If you want to meet a person who absolutely loves what they do, then go no further than Eric Briggs who owns and runs Station Stamp Shop on Coatsworth Road.

Date posted: 6th September 2013

Bensham and Saltwell Volunteers Running Sunderland Road Library

Volunteer libraries are cropping up across the country in response to the financial pressures local councils are facing.

Date posted: 6th September 2013


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